What Exactly is Sports Fee Insurance

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by US Sports Club Insurance/ on 02 Apr 2021

What Exactly is Sports Fee Insurance

Sports Fee Insurance provides peace of mind and protection for the financial commitment made to be with a quality sports organization. In the event of the unexpected Sports Fee Insurance allows parents to receive a refund based on the time that was not used and guarantees the club receives what was financially obligated to them.

But why should a parent be forced to pay for something they are not able to use? Or why should a club ask the other parents to pay more for the player that left? It’s simply not fair. These fundamental questions are the backbone of Sports Fee Insurance, from US Sports Club Insurance.

The answer is really quite simple; youth sports clubs try to keep their player fees as low as possible while still offering a comprehensive product. If clubs offered refunds they would need to increase club fee’s up to 20% to cover the budget increase needed. Doing this would either remove other valuable offerings or make that club less competitive in the market, so most have a strict no-refund policy to ensure fees remain as low as possible.

Sports Fee Insurance provides financial security for clubs, parents, and athletes in the unprecedented times we are currently in. Providing this resource allows clubs to focus on player development and growth on and off the field. by Bob Turner - President California State Soccer Association

Injuries in sport happen, kids get sick, and adults lose their jobs. These are facts of life that cannot be changed or controlled. Sports Fee Insurance on average cost 5% of the financial commitment that is made to the club, this is a reasonable investment to ensure you have peace of mind.

Whats Covered?

Understanding what this policy covers is important. It does not protect your financial commitment if your child does not get the play time you feel they deserve. The Elite plan covers the following perils;

  1. Injury
  2. Illness
  3. Death of the Athlete or Parent
  4. Job Loss
  5. Job Relocation
  6. Mental Illness

The Fine Print

The sports fee insurance offered by USSCI must be in partnership with the club becasue they are a named insured on a policy. This structure allows a payment to be sent directly to the club if a balance is owed to them or a refund sent directly to the parents if they have paid in full.

It is important to note the policy can be purchased by a club for all its members or a club can send parents the information and let them decided the level of coverage they want to have.

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