Event Marketing

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No longer is one approach effective when successfully marketing your tournament, camp or league.

Having a marketing system and knowledgeable support staff is proven to not only increase attendance but positive feedback after the event. Through the use of technology, data, and analytics, event marketing is


You need a great promotion strategy that starts as soon as you decide to host an event. It is important to leverage the following areas to truly ensure you have market penetration.

Brand Identity- (How and why are you better than the rest - do you offer a full refund policy if the event is cancelled?)

Landing page for event - (Must be professional, clear and visually appealing)

Theme - (Having a theme or social tie in for your event are effective ways to build a sense of community among your local audience. )

Social Media - (understanding your audience, utilizing the latest algorithms, and leveraging hashtags are key. Not to mention Live social interactions, live tweeting, tagging people, asking questions and fostering conversations during the event)

Email Marketing - (There is an art to email marketing you must be creative and grab your prospective attendees attention without being irritating or spamming them)

Promotional Video’s - (They say a picture is worth a 1000 words - well a well made video is worth millions This is an easy way to highlight your brands professionalism)

Sponsorship Activations - (The best way to engage your audience is through Sponsors. They are looking to reach a certain demographic and you provide that demographic - connect the dots by letting your club partners sponsor the giveaways, entertainment and bring the added value needed to set your event apart from the rest.)