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You need a Marketing Director for your Club that truly understands the benifits of youth sports. Someone who can create a marketing strategy and execution plan for each program within your Club, understanding the highest and best use of the Club’s resources and leverage all assets that are available. In addition, your Marketing Director will be responsible for identifing new market opportunities and executing on partnership/sponsorship activations.


With a dedicated Marketing Director from Club MVP we will design and conduct a robust marketing plan in support of the key goals identified. Oversee the implementation of the marketing action plan including online, print, social media, events, tournaments, programs, and more.

  1. Annual Marketing Plan
  2. Calendar of Campaigns and Events
  3. Maintain a Marketing Budget
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Brand Strategy
  6. Analize Consumer Trends
  7. Identify New Business opportunities


Your Club MVP Marketing Director comes with our SEO and Digital Footprint resourses and are experts at managing your Clubs Social Media accounts, this ensures you are painted in the best light possible and your posts will be engaging, informative, and relevant.

  1. Highlight Individual and Club achievments with Custom Graphics that match your Brand
  2. Creation of Print and Video marketing to engage auidence
  3. Promote upcoming Camps, Tournaments and Programs
  4. Sponsorship Digital Activation


Having a sound local SEO strategy means optimizing everywhere your business appears online so it can provide relevant search results to consumers based on their locations. Because as a local business, you want potential customers to be able to find you whether they’re looking directly for you or your products or services. This is a business step that cannot be ignored - you must manage your digital footprint.

  1. Online Presence
  2. Digital Reputation
  3. Directory Listings
  4. Reviews and Stars
  5. Google 3 pack
  6. Analitics


Depending on the size of your orginaztion the cost for a Club MVP dedicated Marketing Director ranges $1500 - $3000 monthly

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