PTA Matching System

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We have developed a matching system that partners local Clubs with local PTA’s to offer after-school sports directly at the schools. This program helps provide access for all children to play sports in a low cost, low commitment environment. Expanding your reach through a targeted grassroots growth strategy is critical to the success of your program.

After-School Club Sports

When children do not have access to quality sport programs it limits their overall development, leaving a void in core life skills that are needed to become happy, healthy adults.

  • Schools want quality after-school programs.
  • Clubs need to identify talent at younger ages.
  • Children must have access to sports.

Why offer this program

Aside from the marketing opportunity to reach an entire local group of your targeted demographic the benefits of this program are clear for any youth sport club.

  • Talent identification at the local level
  • Directly serve the community with the ability to tap under-represented markets
  • Development of a fan base and brand recognition
  • Grassroots team formation opportunities
  • Revenue share model that supports both the Club and the School.
  • Increased development of locally based teams that participate in local leagues resulting in economic benefits to the community


With a revenue share model that supports both the clubs and the schools, and a grant program that supports low income students, we can ensure every child has the opportunity to play.

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