Can your tournament offer teams full refunds if the event gets cancelled?

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by US Sports Club Insurance/ on 01 Apr 2021

Can your tournament offer teams full refunds if the event gets cancelled?

Nothing is worse than an event being cancelled! Wait, yes there is - dealing with refunds, that is definitely worse! What if you could protect your revenue and offer teams full refunds? What if teams registered earlier because they weren’t waiting to check the weather?

For years now, tournaments have not been able to offer a refund policy that makes everyone happy. They have expenses and overhead that are pre-paid and not returnable to them. Most people understand this, but it still feels unfair to pay for something that you do not get to fully participate in. by Jennifer Pivnick - President USSCI

USSCI has created a sport specific event cancellation policy that guarantees the revenue protection of an event and offers teams the ability to receive a full refund in the event weather forces the cancellation of a covered event.


Coverage can be provided for the event as a whole or tournaments can allow teams to make their own decisions. The rate is determinded by the risk, and each event is looked at individually based on the time of year, location and weather data.

  1. Team Refunds are based off games guaranteed vs. games played.
  2. Coverage must be purchased 30 days prior to the start of the event.
  3. Only partnered tournaments can offer this type of coverage.

How do you sign up your event?

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