What is a Google 3-pack and why does my Club need it?

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by Club MVP/ on 07 Feb 2019

What is a Google 3-pack and why does my Club need it?

When Google introduced the 3-Pack they said, “We are constantly exploring the best way to bring a better search experience to our users. This update provides people with more relevant information, including photos, reviews and prices, for searches that have multiple results for a given location.

The more you can appear in these listings, the more Google trusts your business. When it comes to mobile local search, it is becoming more important than ever to make sure your site is mobile-responsive. by Kyle Henzes

The 3-Pack is the first three results that pop up when a consumer does a search that Google identifies as having local intent. These are the most critical results for businesses, and they appear “above the fold” on mobile devices and are the first thing the customer sees. In other words, people can usually view them without scrolling.

Facts about the Google 3-Pack

Google now accounts for 93% of the mobile search market the U.S. The Google 3-Pack (also known as the Map-Pack) is prized digital commerce real estate that’s sometimes undervalued. If your business locations aren’t among those 3-Pack listings, your chances of attracting those customers can be 50% lower. Essentially you’re losing sales opportunities.

Consumers want their search to be based “near me” So Google changed their algorithm to meet that need.

  1. in 2018 Google made more than 3,200 changes to its search algorithm, and these have had an impact on mobile-local searches.
  2. in 2015 Google converted from the 7-Pack to the 3-Pack
  3. The Google 3-Pack cannot be bought
  4. Paid ads may sometimes appear above the 3-Pack, the coveted Google 3-Pack positions are reserved for relevant organic searches.
  5. The Google 3-Pack is not a static list. It changes based on Google’s algorithm, the searcher’s location, and how local brands are optimizing their local landing pages.
  6. If you are not optimizing and maintaining your local pages and data across the web (on sites like Yelp, Bing, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and others) you run the risk of dropping further down the page.

Business Strategy

It is important to your business to be listed correctly on listing sites, google, and alexa. Managing your Clubs digital footprint is a vital step that can not be ignored.

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