Does my Team need a College Brochure?

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by Club MVP/ on 27 Feb 2021

Does my Team need a College Brochure?

For many players club sports are only part of the journey. For the committed players a future in a college athletic program is an achievable goal. The reality is that only 2% of athletes are actively recruited. College coaches cannot recruit you if they do not know that you are out there and interested in their program.

Taking into account that the average cost of a four year school is $125,000 it is important that you have an organized game plan to get yourself noticed by college scouts. by Derek Lovrenich - Club MVP CEO

It is equally important to choose the right school for your student athlete, when looking at schools take the following into consideration:

Are you Ready?

Elevating yourself to the next level requires work and effort and must be done by the student not the parent. It is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Grades. Do you have the grades or test scores to gain admission to college?

  2. Ability. Do you have the athletic skills that a college coach values?

  3. Motivation. How hard are you prepared to work to get a scholarship?

  4. Exposure. Are you ready to market yourself to college coaches?

Marketing Strategy

It is very important that you get maximum exposure and make sure that you get seen by college coaches. Utilizing a digital college brochure for your team is the easiest way to market your player and keep the content fresh and new. With every player having a dedicated page that highlights their specific skills and talents as well as links to their social media and game film footage it creates a personalized marketing opportunity for each athlete on the team. It is important to be proactive in the recruiting process, seldom do you get a second chance to make a good impression.

Get Recruited

The following will all help in achieving your goals:

  1. Play on a high level club team. You want to be participating in top tier tournaments and college showcases, especially in your sophomore, junior and senior years of high school.

  2. Fill out the “Soccer Recruit Form” on the school web site. This alerts the coach that you are interested in the school.

  3. Get gamefilm footage and assemble them into a highlight tape. Hudl is a great team resource it stores the gamefilm for the team and helps you create your highlight reel.

  4. Send e-mails and/or letters to coaches of colleges that you would like to attend and let them know that you are interested in their program. When sending letters via snail mail make sure to include your teams QR code for your digital brochure.

  5. Ask your club and/or high school coach to write you a letter of recommendation that will be highlighted on your individual player page.

How do you sign up for a team digital brochure?

Do not wait until the last minute to create your teams brochure - the turn around time is approximatly 2 weeks once you have provided all the information!

Digital College Brochure
The early bird gets the worm! 
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