Does my Club need a marketing strategy?

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by Club MVP/ on 07 Jan 2021

Does my Club need a marketing strategy?

The short answer is yes. For most of us marketing seems simple, you post something or share something on social media - easy right? The reality is your website, facebook, twitter, and online reviews are the face of your business. Think of it as your storefront. If its messy, confusing, and unorganized you will lose customers.

Your Social Media marketing needs to be balanced with a heavy focus on relevant content and engagement with your auidence. Make sure you are sharing articles that support the development of your sport not just the promotion of your club or club events.

Even though the goal of social media marketing is increased brand awareness and more client engagement, only 1/3 of an organization’s social media posts should be specifically about the business. by Jennifer Pivnick

It is equally important to manage your digital footprint, can consumers easily find you online? You can’t control where people look for you, but you can control if you are listed there. So make sure your business is correctly listed on the most popular local sites, directories and apps for your industry.

How is your online reputation? Your online reputation is vitally important in managing your digital footprint. Highlight positive reviews of your orginzation and respond to negative ones.

put your best foot forward

If you are asking yourself if you need help, then the answer is you probably do. With our team ready to support your goals it has never been easier to get the help you need and create an action plan. To get started schedule a call with one of our youth sports marketing specialist!

  1. Manage your online reputation
  2. Publish engaging monthly newsletters
  3. Make friends with your social followers
  4. Have engaging content
  5. Manage your brand awareness

How do you get started?

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